6'2", 220lbs, Stacked like a brick ***t house, and fluffy cuddly like you wouldn't believe.


Human Form:6’2 220 lbs Eye Color Red Hair Color Black

Weapons:Nomad Module(Dagger,Long Bow,Scimitar,&Lance)50 DP in cost
Armor:Half plate,Forehead plate.96 DP in cost


Server Phobia:Fear Hates closed off/tight areas.(Disadvantage)

Vunerable to heat:Fear begins to lose his sanity in hot areas or being attacked by heat or fire.(Disadvantage)

Addiction or serious vice:(disadvantage)

Regeneration:level 8: resting 250hp per day not resting 100 per day cannot bleed out cleanly amputaded libs will recover in 5 days

Acute Senses:Fear has a great sense of smell even in human form his only draw back is he lacks the ability to determine things in the same capacity as he would in Lycan form.

Increase One Characteristic to 9:


Lycan Form:12’0 850 Ibs Eye Color Red Fur Color Redish Brown

Weapons:Claws (Description approx 3 1/2 inches can cut through the toughest steel)
Teeth (Description approx 2 inches) NOTE:Fear prefers not to bite humans doesn’t wanna spread the Lycan curse to anyone.

Regeneration: inhuman level 10

Armor:Bear Lycan Skin (the skin of a Lycan is truely a marvel to behold very durable to all forms of physical attacks with the exception of any type of Silver Based item/weapon.

Senses:Acute Sense of Smell (Description Fear can determine the distance& size of an item.Fear can determine if a person is injured,he can tell if there are large groups of people near by,he can determine the sex of a person.IN COMBAT Fear can use his acute sense of smell to track an enemy without needing to lay eyes on them provided they give off a smell.

Special Technique:“Rend Asunder” Fancy Word meaning Tear Apart This Will Be A Special Purpose Attack which can only be used under 2 key conditions the first being the victim needs to have a physical Body.Second condition will be stat based and will have to be cleared with our GM so its still in the works.

Advantages/Disadvantages of being a Lycan:

Addiction or serious vice:Lycans Require raw meat to maintain strength(disadvantage)
NOTE:This Addiction in Lycan formed stacks with Fear’s human form addiction meaning the penalties are doubled.-10/racvic (rawmeat)

Unattractive:Fear doesn’t like his allies to stare at him while in his Lycan form.(disadvantage)

Severe Allegy:Lycans hate all forms of silver.(disadvantage)
NOTE:This Means Fear takes double damage from silver IE -20/natvul(dd:silver )

Full Moon:During A fullmoon Lycans cannot control their actions and become berserked apon transforming.IE will not know the difference between friend or foe…..(disadvantage)
NOTE:when it is a full moon Fear will suffer a penalty if Fear doesn’t turn werewolf -10/racvic (human form (full moon ))

Acute Senses:Lycans have great vision and an even greater sense of smell.(Advantage)

Animal Affinity:{ONLY WITH WOLFS}Lycans can communicate with all types of wolves and use them to assist them.(Advantage)

Martial Mastery{Lycan Brutality}:Basically well gifted in hand to hand combat(Advantage).

Looking at what I have for your character, I used the 96 pts from wear armor and 50pts from the nomad weapon package. I took the disadvantage that you take double damage from silver, that you have a vice for raw meat that will stack on top of your current addiction for raw meat. Additionally when it is a full moon you suffer a penalty if you don’t turn werewolf. Totalling 186 pts.
Using those points I was able to get regeneration lvl 10, natural weapons, AT 5 natural armor, AT 2 mystic armor, and paid for conditional metamorphosis. Which costs 190 pts. So we’ll drop 4pts somewhere to even that out.

-20/natvul(dd:silver )
-10/racvic (rawmeat)
-10/racvic (human form (full moon ))

General Information:

Fear’s Ability to transform will be known as “Curse Of The Lycans” Fear will basically become a wearwolf sheding all Armor/Weapons his human form possesed and using his nateral means to combat
His fighting style will be martial arts with a jazzed up name “Lycan Brutality” but yeah its pretty much martial arts.
So Basically I can transform at will with the information I have provided

How My Transformation Will Work?:

It will take Fear 1 full turn to transform. IE I will declare that I’m going to transform and then the next turn on my initiative I am fully transformed.Which means it takes me approximately 4 seconds to fully transform.

Status Enhancements During Transformation



Fear was the youngest of four siblings and more so then often deemed the under-achiever amoung his brothers and sisters.As a boy Fear took a liking to hunting and land navigation but was always too young to be allowed to tag along.When Fear turned 12 his father allowed him to accompany him as well as the rest of the family to a hunting/camping trip in the near by mountains.Very little is known about the details that took place thereafter besides the fact that Fear’s family was brutally attacked by something that was led to be believed as a myth until now.After the bloody slaughter Fear awoken to see the bloody remains of his family all except for his younger sister.Odd why is this wolf staring at me? why does it continue to follow me? do you know where my sister could be?what could this bronze unattractive ring around my finger mean…? it hurts when I remove it… I’m not myself when I remove it…. I crave meat… raw… juicey… suckulant meat…. this is my curse better yet… this is the curse of all those who oppose me along my quest to find answers I will make you fear me.


Deus ex Machina, in the aftermath Fear