Haru Anhur

Haru "Falcon Eyes" Anhur is a Forest Ranger who currently is one of the greatest rangers in all of Lucrecio. His appearance is that of a Sylvain Eagle Gold Eyes and Marble White Hair.


Name Haru Anhur
Caste Night Caste Hair,Eyes:Gold Eyes Marble White Hair
*Gender*Male Height,Weight:5’11 175 Ibs.
Exalted Solar

Haru has golden eyes like that of a falcon From his Spiritual Connection With Hathor. Tattoos depicting the eyes of Horus.
He is adorned in silver Stygian jewelery and wears a long pure white cloak.
His hair is bleached white as is the standard sign of a slave in Kushistan. Despite this, he has kept his hair white because Kaya liked it that way.

Weapons his main weapon is a trustworthy bow given to him by his mentor York.

Unarmed While he was a slave in Kushistan he practiced Capoeira and has became a master in the art, which has also helped him become a very skilled dancer.


  • Faster reactions than any man he has ever encountered.
  • High constitution from years of whippings and unusual torture.
  • Stronger than most full grown men.
  • Never had an education learned all he knows from York, Kaya, and Ser Dundle Durite.
  • Extremely Perceptive.
  • Sold into slavery by his father Kamír Anhur to pay off his gambling debts at the young age of ten. Haru has sworn that he will kill his father for selling him like produce.
  • Haru spent 5 years in Kushistan as a slave to a wealthy family and was been taught various skills to fulfill their needs. During this time he fell for their daughter Kaya, his first love. However, it was not meant to be, as she was engaged to another wealthy nobles son. A year later Haru’s love affair with Kaya was discovered and he was sentenced to be executed within the week for having relations with someone above his station. The next day Kaya visited Haru in jail and set him free. Haru promised her that he would return one day.
  • Haru then made his way to the southern border of Kushistan where he met a very rich noble from Du’Lucart, Ser Dundal Durite, and his party of explorers who were traveling into Nanwe to search for the lost City of Gold (El Dorado Lol) During this expedition the party’s resident guide, Sgt. York took Haru under his wing and taught him the ways of the ranger, of tracking, animals, and plants. After approximately 1.5 years in the jungles of Nanwe the party was attacked, the events were chaotic and most of the party was split up. Haru found the body of Ser Dundal Durite and took his money. Haru just knew Dundal would want him to have it. Althought Haru thought that Sgt. York might have survived the attack, Haru could think of nothing else but getting out of that jungle. One of Haru’s primary goals is to find out what happened to Sgt. York and maybe one day see him again.
  • Haru then made his way to Lucrecio where he used the names of Sgt. York and Ser Durite to get a job as a consultant for the new Wildlife Appreciation Program pioneered by Lucanor Giovanni. As part of the program, consultants were trained to patrol their forests and plains. He was trained in subterfuge as a benefit of the program.
  • 3 months after starting the job Haru caught wind of a plot to burn down the Metzger forest. Using the strategies Sgt. York had taught him, he was able to stop their plan by dividing their numbers and picking them off one by one.
  • Shortly thereafter, a lucid dream of a Black Haired Beauty convinces Haru that he has to go back to Nanwe and learn the ways of an indigenous tribe known as the Kilimkep. After 7 months of traveling and searching for the village he found himself in the jungle without food or water. Little remained of what he had brought with him, only the clothes on his back and very little equipment otherwise. He came to the realization that he was being tested by a higher power. This test lasted for another full year. Despite the rough spots, bouts of sickness, and at times malnutrition, Haru was able to pass the test and met his spirit totem: “Hathor”. Hathor lead Haru deep into the jungle and there he found the remains of a great civilization. Among the ruins he found the Kilimkep tribe. There he learned the ways of their druids and became one with the spirits of nature.
  • Now at the age of 20 he Makes his way back to Lucrecio and continues his consulting job there and continues his search for Sgt. York.
  • After all of this time Haru still remembers that his Kaya is waiting for him to come back to her.

Haru Anhur

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