Stormcrow / blood scales

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde meets the incredible hulk with a little bit of wolfman thrown in for fun


a 12 foot tall lizard man or a street savvy healer with a dark past…truth be told its hard to tell ware the man begins and the beast ends


Approximately 100 years ago a dark wizard, rebelling against the tyranny of the church, fled to the woods where hid from the inquisitors. Using his arcane powers he conjured forth a mighty fortress and denizens to protect him.

Be that as it may, it didn’t take him long before he grew bored and decided to begin tormenting a nearby village. Every day he would make demands of the village and if anyone tried to reason with him, he would kill them. One day a very unlucky girl was spotted by the wizard, and he demanded she be his slave.

She was forced to live with the evil wizard for 10 years. (Luckily for her, the wizard had grown impotent as a result of his excessive magic use and lack of a balanced diet.) Until one day, when the girl met an inquisitor how had finally been sent by the Holy City to deal with the wizard. They fell in love at first sight, and made sweet sweet love. After they ran away into the forest, but it was not to be, for the inquisitor’s mission was to kill the evil wizard and after a month the inquisitor spoke to the girl saying, “My dear, we cannot be together until you face the wizard and make your stand.”

Although she was confused and afraid of what the future might hold, she knew that beyond all else, she wanted to be with the inquisitor forever more. It also didn’t help that the inquisitor said that this was the only way for her to be free.

Finally, furious at the inquisitor for forcing her to do this alone, she stormed off to the wizards fortress. The wizard was waiting for her and allowed her entry to his inner sanctum, opening the doors as she walked through the keep with his magic.

When she arrived before his throne, she looked up at him furiously and began to speak, but before a word left her mouth the wizard cut in saying, “You stupid girl, did you really think I would let you go? I will force you to kill your love and you will be helpless to stop it.” With that he summoned up a great curse and cast it upon her. Astoundingly nothing happened, and the wizard was aghast, for he had spent the better part of a decade researching the spell.

As the wizard began to recover from his confusion and started casting another spell, the inquisitor snuck up behind him and deftly cut his head from his shoulders. As the magically created castle began to crumble around them, the girl and the inquisitor ran off into the forest together.

Eight months later a child was born, and this was the happiest yet most horrid date of the inquisitor’s life. For though he was happy beyond any good sense to have a child he also senses a great curse upon the child. Unwilling to react without proper knowledge and research, he decided to wait and see what would happen, and if the child was a risk. Though at the time he could not know it, he single handedly doomed thousands.

Eight years passed and the baby grew into a child. Although frankly the child was a little wimpy, and rather than get into fights like other boys he spent all of his free time with the local healer. However, as with all good things, this was not to be. One day, a group of bullies decided to see how far they could push the little boy.

They started with the usual name calling and shoving. Drawing on what he had heard from his father, the boy decided to stand up for himself and threw everything he had at the bullies, swinging his arms and kicking wildly.

This only succeeded in making the bully laugh and after a while he grew bored of the boy’s efforts. He balled up his fist and struck the boy. The boy spun around almost comically before crashing to his face on the ground. As the boy pulled himself to his knee’s he felt his face swell and the pain began to course through his nose. All of that flew to the back of his mind, however, when he noticed the red drops of blood that began to spread in the snow below him.

Though he tried to look away, he couldn’t turn his head, and his entire undivided attention was focused on the blood. Then everything went black.

The bullies however were on the receiving end of a horror story. The boy in front of them curled back on himself his back bending at an impossible angle as he screamed out an inhuman roar. The boy began to transform before their eyes, his limbs extending, his face enlarging, sharp teeth sprouting from his mouth, and a tail that appeared moments later. As the bullies began to run away, scales covered the boys body and his finger nails grew into claws. His expanding body ripped the clothes to tatters and when all of this finished he roared again. After a moment he opened his eyes and his deep red eyes surveyed the town before him.

The boy turned monster turned and looked at the bullies who were running away. Leaping through the air he quickly covered the distance they had ran and tore the bullies into bloody ribbons and feasted on their flesh.

Unfortunately this was not the end of this terrible incident. He turned upon his village and indiscriminately began killing everyone and everything.

It didn’t take long for news to travel to the inquisitor who lived just outside of the town. He rallied every able bodied man and armed them with his limited supply of arms and armor. The town militia then set out to find and kill the monster that was ravaging their village.

However, when they found it, the inquisitor sensed the same evil he had sensed in his son so many years ago. Knowing he could not bring himself to kill his only son, he did his best to force the monster to flee the town and chased it into the nearby woods.

Days later when the boy came back to consciousness, he found himself deep in the forest, covered in blood, with ripped clothing. After the initial shock, fear set in and he began to cry. After a while, he told himself it would do him no good to sit here and cry, so he swallowed his anguish and stood up. It was then that it began to snow. As he walked without direction, the cold slowly crept into his bones, and eventually he succumbed to the cold. Collapsing in the snow, darkness overcame him.

Hours later, a traveling hedge mage was walking through the forest and came upon the prostrate body for the boy. Covering him in a blanket he took the child back to his sanctuary.

As the child slept, the mage cast an augury to discern the child’s past. It didn’t take him long to learn of the boy’s curse and of the horrible things that had happened. He also witnessed the child’s despair and confusion after the affair, and knew he had to help the boy.

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  2 years passed without incident until one day while out in the woods he came across someone foraging in the woods but as he approached him he turned out
to horrifying wolf man but he calmed wen he saw terror reflected in the beasts eyes turned red to flee the boy chased after it cried out “wait who are you hold on I want to talk to you” but his words fell on deaf ears as the beast disappeared into the woods as they tried to find his way home accidentally fall into the chasm barely grabbing hold of a root but he just didn’t have the strength to hold on and slowly lost his grip right before he
fall a large furry hand reaches down and grabs the boys hand pulling him to safety as the boy panted heavily he looked to see who saved him to his surprise
it was the beast man from earlier the boy stood up and thanked him and “The Clanless” simply smiled and run of into the woods the boy dusted him self of and
noticed the bundle of wood it was gathering a ting of gilt ran over the boy for interrupting but he got a idea the beast might come back for the
pile of wood so the boy decided to put a red scarf he had on his neck onto the pile as a thank you for saving him the boy carefully made his way around
the dark chasm wen he got a ways away he looked back to see “The Clanless” grabbing the pile and examining the scarf the boy smiled as he enjoyed his good
deed later asking the mentor what the creature was the wizard simply says
“a very miss understood people who had the misfortune to be born in the world of men”

(quick not to the reader I don’t know what the guys who hunt “The Clanless” and gather magic items are called so I will simply refer to them as beast hunters)

   3 more years passed and the wizard turned historian? but was no closer to identifying or curing the curse and one day while the wizard went to do more
research he decided to take the boy with him while he began his research the boy was free to wonder as long as he was quiet stayed inside and didn’t touch
any thing (aka boring) but the monotony broken when a large warrior stepped into the library to research the beasts he hunted the boy thrilled to see something
new ran over to the beast hunter and went to say something but remembered what his mentor said and quieted but the beast hunter noticed the boy and
smiled he knelled down to eye level with the boy right then the wizard looked up to check on the boy looked back down then jerked the book down with horror
and quickly formulated a plan the beast hunter said “whats your name” the boy tried to speak said “andy sir” to witch the beast hunter replied
“andy well my na…wait!” he then sensed the curse grabbed the handle of his weapon realizing how dangerous the boy really was the wizard run up to a nearby
book shelf judging if it would hit the boy if it fell determined to save the boy and pushed with all his might maternal instincts taking hold of his mind
the beast hunter drew his sword and reached out to grab the boy at this point the boy sow what his mentor was trying to do but realized it was going to miss
so the boy ran around the beast hunter with dizzying speed the beast hunter turned to chaise but only took two steps before the towering book shelf
came crashing down all he could do was scream out in horror as he was flattened by a mountain of knowledge (what a way to go) after that day the wizard was much
more careful.

   two years pass now fifteen the boy can beginning training the wizard tells the boy you can be educated in whatever you want the boy thinks it over
for awhile then remembers his old friend the healer and is overwhelmed with grief but he doesn’t know why as he thinks “I will just go back and see him one day”
so he swallows his sorrow and wipe away the tears and feels a sense of determination to be as good as his old friend so he tells the wizard “I want to
be a healer” the wizard just looks at the boy and realizes the young man doesn’t even know he has a curse so decides sit the young man down and explain
why he cant be a healer after a lengthy explanation the young man is shocked putting it all together but a waive of determination takes hold and he simply
said “nothing will sway me from my goal nothing not even you” the wizard impressed with the boys determination replies" then I wont pay for it what will
you do now hmmm" the boy thinks for awhile the wizard grins and waits patiently the boy comes to a decision and said" I’ll pay for it with money from a job
I’ll get today" the wizard laughs with delight at what a great young man he has raised “yes you will have what you want and I will help you
get it my boy” the wizard exclaims the next day the boy began training.

   1 year later while helping several sick people he is called to help bring water from the local well to help his teacher on the way he runs into a
young girl the two lock eyes and come to talk to each other the two talk for awhile slowly falling in love hours pass until the teacher come to see
what the hell is taking his student so damn long then all is explained " just kiss her and bring me that water boy" he shouts both of them feel
embarrass and part ways not before deciding wen and wear to meet again the two meet for eight more days having a few rolls in the hay until the girl come
to his house and said “my family is moving and I’m going with them” “then I’m going two” “no you cant throw your life away for me I wont let you”
“but Id rather die then be away from you” “well see each other again some day but for now we most part way” tears rolled down his cheeks as he swore he
wold find the girl again one day.

   1 year hens and the boy nears more advanced training witch involves treating blood gushing wounds fearing a rampage he gos to his mentor who decides
he will simply try to postpone such training until the young man can handle such training but on his way to the teacher house he stumbles onto a vendor
selling rare books one of witch is a book on dealing with what it refers to as a blood curse the wizard nearly faints as he clutches the book that
might free his adopted son from his curse after 10 strait hours of reading he set the book down and rubs his eyes and lowers his head in soul crushing
disappointment nothing sounds close enough to be right and nothing about a cure but just then inspiration strikes the curs sends the boy into a rage
but what if the rage is what causes the transformation he then daises a simple calming spell can make his curse benign and thous safe to begin training
and live his life as well he searches his own personal library (witch puts most libraries to shame) he puts together the right words then decides to throw
a transmogrification preventive just in case then with every thing ready cast the spell on the young man they later test it and it seemed to do the trick
the next day he began the advanced training.

  1 year on the 18th birthday of our hero the wizard took the boy out to the market to get a gift but while out they see a hooded figure being chained
by beast hunters as they surround the figure he throws off his cloak reveling his brilliant black feathers a clanless the bird man then shouts" just leave me
alone I’ve never hurt any one I just want to live my life Is that such a crime" no seemed to care what a clanless had to say except the hero who steps forward
despite the wizards attempts to stop him “leave him alone you bastard he hasn’t hurt any one” the hero roared “yet he hasn’t hurt any one yet now mind
your own business” determined the boy jumps past one of the beast hunters and stepped in front of the clanless and extended his arms to protect him “no
you cant have him” standing defiant the boy didn’t see the archer line up the shot the clanless collapsed behind the hero “what happened?” the hero asked
the clanless stood feeling a sens of roll reversal and simply said “I don’t know who you are but thank you now go before they kill you too
nnnnnghhh never forget me” he then throw him self at the beast hunters falling short coughing up some blood and dieing the crowd cheered the men
raised their swords in triumph “you got lucky kid we would have killed you to get to him remember that next time”the hero felt a anger rise then fade
all he could say was “no next time you will be the one in a pool of blood and they will cheer for me” the hero never forgot the sense of injustice
he felt that day something laid dormant deep with in him something wanting to see that this injustice never happens again far away a powerful entity took
notice of the heroes actions and became interested.

   2 years pass and the hero having a natural scene of medicine gains a firm grasp fairly quickly word of his prowess spreads quickly many people come to him
many are cured some are not but no one cares he is a beacon of hope for a lot of very desperate people as his fame grew his mentors health starts to fade

   5 more years pass one night after a very exhausting day a sudden adrenalin rush nearly making the hero jump out of his chair very surprised he looked around
even medically couldn’t explain it then it hit him again so strongly hes head shout back and his arms shout out to his sides every muscle in his body flexes
his lungs swell to full capacity then he let loos with a ear shattering roar so loud it scared of sleeping birds out side the city walls and scared the
whole town panting and out of breath he tries to understand what just happened he feels a sense of youthful energy that just wont fade.

   two weeks later the wizard dies in his sleep the hero finds him the next morning and cried for 6 solid hours then stood wiped his tears away and swore
he would never cry again he took all the money he had earned and saved then spent it on a funeral that would rival most royal burials for years to come
a massive mausoleum was built (paid for with the money he got for all his own earthy goods) the wizard was buried with all that he owned thousand wear in
attendance many spoke of him fondly many spoke of his deeds but they were all dwarfed by the hero’s eulogy witch made hardened worries teary eyed then the crowd
dispersed leaving the hero alone but then he caught site of something that maid him forget all about his hard ships a young girl the very same the two ran to
embrace they kissed and spoke of what they had done in each others absence (you already know what happened to the hero) the girl nursed he grand mother tell she died
then got a job as a maid in the kings castle she was on her way wen she herd about the funeral just then a mob of people pushed there way past separating
the two again as he called here name over the roar of the crowd he could hear her call back but soon all he could hear was the thunder of thousands of feet
marching home.

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   3 years pass and still the hero cant think of any thing but the women he loves so he gathers whats left of his property witch consists of two changes of clothes and his medical tools to head of to the kings castle to merry the women he loves he heads tword the door lookes back at
the house he sold then opens the door just to run intou a rouyil mesinger ocompined by two royel gard “sir the king needs you hes dieing this is not a request its an order” “well youll
agree this is funny but I was headed that way to find my freind” “sir theirs nothing funny about the kings ilnes now are ready to go” they set out and arived in the erly morning he didnt even wait the hero went strait to the kings side and satayed thair for a intier year not leaving even for his birthday so determend he never even thinking to give up then sudinly the kings hart beat no more the hero treyed and treyed agen but it was over then the queen sumund a maid to bring the hero water the hero calapsd on the edg of the bed and couldint lift his head the maid lifted his head to bolth there amazment it was her the women he loved it all came back to him "oh my god I’ll never leave your side again the prince came over and said “even thouw you failed you
did every thing in your power to save him I’m going to pay you any way go take it and get marred” the prince smiled that was that

  two weeks passed the marrig saromony was short but sweet he gave her a buetifal locket then the two left to live out their days in the country nobl after nobl came to ask his help he refused again and agean 6 years zoom biy in blis full matramony until one day a nobl shows up with a very undeniabl request his son is dieing and no one els can save him well he kisses his wife good biy and grabs his tools then leavs to the nobles home wen he arives he imedatly gos to the boy he trys to figuer out what rong with the boy feeling the same wen he tryed to save the king he fears he will fail egean he trys a chang of tactiks and low and behold the boy emeditly gets beter it was not the same deses the king had but very difacult all the same he gos down stairs to infom the father his son will make a full racovery insted fins the noble has a clanles servent no a slave “who the hell is that” the hero yells “its my servent I bout him fo a
beast hunter is he bothring you I can send him away if hes bothering you” the hero realises he cant reson with them then wonders why this obvealy strong wolf man he then noteses the coler on his neck “what dos that coller do” “well it macks him obye whom ever owns the key but it only works once if I took it off him it would just be a raguler coller” then the hero knew what to do “your son is saved and as payment I wont your sevent and the key” “fair enough
you’v got a deal” after a long walk through the woods the hero terned to his companion unlocked his coller and sed “you are now free go in peace” the clanles terned to him and didnt saiy any thing just poled out a dirty red scarf smiled put it around his neck and ran off into the woods the hero smiled ear to ear the entaty wos paying close atntion to the hero now.

   the hero went home only to finde nothing his wife was gone their was no sign of her in the house out in the feild behinde the house their was a blanket
with a neatly placed he then notecd a small piece of her faviret dress he tryed to finde her but some wiled anmils scaerd him off so he went out to the local
tavern to finde some able bodey men for hire to go save his wife ten men were all he culd get but it didnt mater he had to get her back even if it ment
his own life they then set out and enterd ware he found the piece of dress it took two days of fierce anamil risistance then the trail led to what the hero
had bin looking for but for the rest of his life will forever regret finding his wifes body or at least 1 third of her he fell to his nees and
cryed out to the hevens “NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” the rage broke the spell that held him just enough to set him ablaz with hate one
mercinary nelt down and said “these look like the tracks of the clanles hmmm” they went back to his hous and he still inraged demanded a sword he
oferd his wifes julary in exchnage one mercanary handed a rusty old notched short sword and took the juels as they left him one got a sharp fealing of
guilt and knocked him out and stole the sword (what more culd you expect from mercanarys)

  hours later the hero woke in his bed and sat up and olmost cried “no never again” he stood up and grabed his wifes locket then
a loge from the fire and set his hous ablaze nothing left to live for and nothing more then the
clothes on his back he joined the army and decided he would kill any clanles he ever met again wen he began
training they tryed to teach him how to sword fight but he couldint stop imbarising him self then they tried spears then axes maces hamers dagers
throwing knives bowes not even war pick then they tried a simpal exsesise just incase your wepon was lost you would not be helples the hero beat
his instructer then they thouw the best they had and still he could not be stoped so they saw his tru patencial and wen they found out he was the
fames docter they decided he was going to be a feild medick so they traind him in fist fighting he fineshed his training wen they ran out of things
to teach him its not like he was bruce lee they just didnt know all that mutch about fighting with out a weapin (or they didnt consider hands to be a weapin)
shortly after the shpied him of to his first asinment and a strang rash began on his left thigh then spred to his right arme it began to tern black and red
and form a scale like patern lukely he could cover it up but soon it would be impasable to hide short of covering his intier body then his hair began to fall
out in clumps till he was bald then short blunt black spines began to sprout out of the back of his head then all along his spine after a tail started
to grow he realized he was going to need more then a hat and some gloves.

  1 year later just wen all hope of ramaining anounimas seemed lost a mesnger iraved with a packeg “sorry about the delaiy sir but you are a hard man to find
wen your mentor bought this clowk from my lord it took awile longer then we thought then we find out he died of old age well frankly we felt damn
stoopid but we were determind to deliver it all the same here is your cloke sir already paid for…sopsidly it can cloke the oura of any curse but persanly
I think it just lookes good” then he left the packedg waved good biy as he rode off the hero grabed the packedg to see what the hell his mentor had bout him
wen he unraped the packedg it was a whit silk clock with a black whisp patern and it fit perfictly not to menshon it coverd his intier body and shades his
face the avrig person woldint even notis if he had a lower jaw let alon if he is coverd in black and red scales he felt safe yet again but the only problem
was it wosint regulashin so he would still have to find way to hide his face even wurs his eyes began to syit like a reptile and then terned red.

  he manedged to convince his saperers that a mask was nesasary to provent the contraction of deses but his anonimaty was the least of his consens
wen the war broke out he was sent to the front ware he witnest the wurst a man cold do every ware he went their were wounded so many wounded
he spread him self thin trying to save ever one but hecould only do so mutch the war draged on for a year but it was so brutel it wideld down bolth sides
until their was barly enough soldgers to defend one city the only soldgers left wur old men and teenadgers bolth kings so egur to win they didnt care haw
many had to die for them to get there way.

  wen the 1 year anoversery of the war rolled around the hero was sent to aid the soldgers in a small town on the front line wen he got their it was of all
places the villadge he was born in the dark wizzerds fortres had fallen into disrapair the villag was run down only solders and villagers who couldnt flee
wur left what had hapined to his father but wen he looked in the graive yard he soon found the infomashin he looked for thair he was baired right next to his
wife apearintly they died together wen he tried to save her from one of the fires the hero had created all thoues years ago he polled her out but they wur
to badly berned to servive but all he could think was he could have treated them esaly but then shruged it of he was so imune to sorrow he never smiled he
never laghed and never got atatched to any one wen the war arived in the villeg witch ment they wur loosing the villeges pathetic defences couldnt hold
becous of a combinashin of the cold the lack of suplies and men and lack of moral the enamy soldgers came into the tent and demanded his wepin he just
stared at them and pointed to the red cros on his arm the men left then a mean looking genaril walked in and said “you work for us now got that if you dont
we will kill you got that” the hero replied “yes I will do what ever you say just dont hurt my pashints” “nop if they aint from my country then they gota go
and if they wont go then they gota die not you though you can be usefull” “no you cant” the geniral grind a evil grin then orderd his men to kill them all
men women…and children then it was over a hate the hero haldint felt since the last time he was in the town took hold “you mother fucker Ill kill you” the
hero cryed out then ran foll force at the geniral then his hole world went black as he fell on his ass the geniral was betir then he was the hero went to
get up and dust himself off but insted he saw the red on the ground he saw so long ago then he thought hard focesd all the hate all the anger into one
singal thought then riped of his mask reaveling his scales the world went red ass he stood the transfermashin felt like he was being lifted in the air and
a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders he felt free for the first time in his life but wen it was done he looked around he was aware he hadint blacked
out but he was still out of controlle he didnt care he wanted to kill them all and so he did one by one they wore all slouterd till there was none left he
sat in the town squar and rememberd the look on the genirals face wen he riped him apart he felt justafied.

  wen ther reinforsment came only the hero wase left alive wen asked what hapind he just said"they came killed all our men then the villagers after that the
monster that killed this village so long ago retornd and killed them all" “then how did you serviv” “I used my cloke to hide in the snow” and no one douted
what he said from then on he was alowd to ware his cloke with that the war was over the enamy castil was bernd to the ground and the king was hung from a
tree in the court yard their was maryment abound.

  1 year later while in a local tavern he over herd a rumer of young girls being killed then the clanles were framed to cover somthing up this deifnetly cout
the heros atenshon he then began lengthy investagashin chasing leads were he could get them he learnd what to watch for wen somone lies and how to get
the truth afer awhil he manedged to track down the mesanery who told him that it was the clanles wen confronted he stood biy what he said so the hero aplied
the oldest and greatist of investagativ tricks (he got him drunk) cumpletly inebriated the mercinary told him  royal gard had paid him to say it then he
folouing that lead found the gard then plieyd the same teckneck and was told “every maid that gos into that castel end up mutalated by the pince ternd king”
the hero know his investgashin only had one stop left and he would aveng his wife.

  as he aprouched the castil for the secound time he thought about how long it took him to compleat his investagashin oubout a year he egerly strod up the
cortyard steps he jumped past the royal gard didnt break stride wen a man took a sword swing at him he just presd on strait into the throne room walked
right up face to face with his wifes killer “I’m not going to suger cout it did you kill my wife” the king signald his men to stand ready “well I wont
suger cout it ether yes I killed her I enjoud it to you should have seen the look on her face” compleet horore took hold of the hero he enjoyed the same
look in the genirals face the king saw this and said “well well you know exactly what I’am talking about you enjoyed it didnt you your just like me”
“no I’m not we may shair sertan traits but you and I are nothing alike let me showe you” the hero then polled down his hood the sight the king saw saprized
him but he regaind his conpousher “you freak I did your wife a faver” the hero olmost lost it but looked around he wousnt going to ecape but he could have a
lital fun with the king so he backed off a lital then slaped him the king was inraged the hero doged a fuw more blows then slaped him agen and agen then the
king sgnald his men to attack the hero found it very easy to doge their blows but while he laphed at them the king got a lucky blow right in his kidny
the hero fell to the ground then laphed as the king grabed him and put his knife to the heros throut “douge this freak” the heros worild went red
“you ideot you just did me a faver now lets see what your made of I bet its taisty” the king was slowly fifted off the ground as the hero trasfermed larg
blunt spines shot the his back thoughing the king to the ground the beast ternd to the king and grind it devourd the king in secounds their was nothing left
but a bloody pudle then the beat rapaged throuw the castil igniting a fire witch bernd it to the ground with that every one beleved the docter to be dead.

  after that the hero tryed to live his life but ever ware he went someone found hime and the masiker would bigen agen 5 bloody years later only a third
of the poulashin was left and the country split up into city states the other kingdome cot wind of this and moved in for the kill being a well known monster
called blood scales the hero thought it was time to move on with that the hero fled to the south needing a knew Identaty asumed a new name he thought back
to the day that clanles lashed out with every ounce of strength in its final stand so gloreas he had to take the name storm crow to comemarat it.

  the hero maniges to maintain a low profile through shear luck but he knows it cant last for ever if he dosint gain controle he will doom him self the hero
dodges incedent for two years one day a gard notisest that the heros face is shrouded “what are you hiding you wanted” the hero rather then trying to smooth
talk his way out simply ran for it instead as he ran it seemed that at every tern their was anouther gard that wen they sow him startd to chase the heros
lightning fast reflexes aloud him to out monuver the gards the hero ran right into the woods the gard gave chais for a short distence but then backed off
the hero sighed and thought "that was close if I had foght them it would have ment the death of alot of peaple and my anenimaty he mosild his way through
the thiket of the wood till a clanles came into veiw being sobdoud by a templar the hero took advntig of the element of serpize snuck up and kicked his leges
out from under him and grabed the clanles and ran like hell the templar didnt give up like the gards but the hero kept a inhuman pace and eventuly out ran
the templar stoping to catch his breath he realized what he had done and went to kick the clanles but rememberd that his hat stemd from the old kings lie
he then instead offerd his hand to help the catwomen stand up she dosted her self of then staird at the hero he ternd to walk away wen she said “who are you
whyed you save me” the hero ternd his head “becous I swour I would never let the strong bully the weak not while I can help it” he then ternd and left but
she cald out "wait let me repay your kindnes.

  she led him back to her villeg ther wur monsters every ware but they mostly consisted of wolf men and cat people (witch seemed to chais ech other a lot)
the tribe gatherd to meet the new comer wen he poled back his hood they all seemed releved for the first time in a long time the hero felt at home over
time he was exepted into the inercercal and they revealed that there plan they had stolen a artifact with witch they wold bargen for there freedom from
the templars the only problem was the templars refused to be resond with the hero decide he would never leav his peaple.

  one day a templar raiding party found the villeg the worriers ralled and killed as meny as they could but some got away they all know the end was near
and wen all hope was lost the hero stood up and said “what the hell is rong with you so we cant fight them all we have to do is go and hied whare the
artefact is hiden” “but we dont have enough time to flee the wamen and children cant move fast enough” “well Ill stay and face them to dieing breth if
I have to you’v bled for me its time I bleed for you” the hero stood ready to face his doom the villegers just staird at him "well what are waiting get
the hell out of hear the cheif raised his head and howld “lets get the hell out of hear peaple and storm crow thank you well never forget you” the hero
noded at the alfa wolf and strod to ware the enamy would come from 8 other worries went with him “no one should die alone” they all laphed then focousd
and went to find there positon on the fiald by the time the enamy showd up only 1 quorder of the villieg was left fleeing an amry marched on the villag
all the deffender gulped but the hero he was ready to die for all of them wen the enamy charged the hero stood his ground and waited for the transfemation
his ace in the hole wen a nerbye hero slashed the throught of a enamy blood shot out the hero mved to catch it wen he trans fomed the intier batell stoped
until the hero began his rampadg the battel raged for 8 trait hours until only storm crow and two archers wur left the enamy on the other hand still had
plenty left to give the hero muster up every ounce of control he had and roared “youuuu twoooo ggget tttthe hhhheeeellll ooooouutttt grrrrrrrr” the two
understood and made a hasty reachreat the enamy leader saow that he had faild the villegers had escaped but one was left if he capturd the hero he could
find the villagers later after 2 more hour the soldgers (mostly untranend pike men) slow maneged to widll him down probably wouldnt have taken so long
they not bin ordeard to take the beast alive the hero was tughe but not unstobible he soon calapsed frome his injerys he was capterd trnsferd to prison
and so began his incarsaration.

  the next day they brought him out of his cell then took him to a room that smelt of dried blood fecies and urin the gards throow him into a chair and
promply straped him down the worden walked in and said “I know you know ware the artefact is our lord needs it and your going to tell me ware those evil
freaks hid it” the hero was going to say (or what) but he realized what was about to hapin…he said nothing the worden said “hhhhhhe well you just have to
do it the hard way don’t you” he then looked to his men “you may begin but what ever you do don’t kill him we nned him alive” the worden left the room
then the two men grind and went to work the hero couldint stand the pain he was ready to brake after only two minuts but then the hero rememberd his wife
and what she had faced then the bird man and his couridg and all the clanles who would die if he broke just then they jabed a berning hot poker in ribs
he had all he could take and signald his sarender “well are you going to talk freak then out with it” right then the hate came foll force but dried
blood wasn’t enough to change him but the hate was enough to get back on trak “come on give it to me I wont more HA HA HA HA HA HA” the torter recomenced
if they held back befor they worint now “give it to me I wont more” the hero cryed. after 6 hours they gave up for the day the hero was draged to back to
his sell the next day they straped him back in the chair the worden walked in “well I’m inprest you made it past day one no one els ever did” the worden
went to leave terned and said “Ill give him a two dayes maybe a week” then left his men to do there job.

  11 years pass and the hero Laughs as they strap him down “you guys gona try any thing new or the same old thing becous Im geting bord of it
you all suck at this” after they wur done he was draged back to his cell the gards closed the cell behind him as he laid their he thought about his life and
how he got their and he rememberd all the good thing he had dun only to wind up inprisend then remembed all the horrabl things he had done and felt he
desrved to be inprisond then he rememberd the wolf man who he had freed and who had saved him then he saw his face in his mind eye and was greatful that
the clanles was free then opend his eyes to still see the face “whaaaaa” the hero stood strait up “what the hell are you doing here” “I have watched you
since you freed me” “but what are you doing here” “I came here to help you” “you have a plan” “to escape no but I saw the way you tryed to help those
creaters you will be the one to free us” “whait how old are you looke the same wen I first met you” “I thought it would be obvious I havent aged sice we
first we met what dos that tell you?” (that I cant rite…na just kiding) “you dont age how did that hapen” “it hapend wen I was 28 wile foriging in the
woods I met a demon who oferd me everlasting yuthe but their was a price I had to scrifice somthing I loved like a domb ass I seid yes then seeld the
arangment in blood but the demon didnt take one thing he took every thing thats what you get wen you make a deal with a demon now I see the guineas in
in his plan he took every thing I loved and then I had to live with it forever or kill my self” “diabolical I mean what a horafingly clever plan and
that is the perfect exampil of why you don’t work with demons” “I don’t want your pity…see it was my chois and I have to live with it but you never did
I have reademd myself but you still have alot to make up for” “oh you know about that” “yes I do but I never stoped seeing that lital scard child who needed
to be saved this is the last time I will save you…Iam never going to leave this prison” “why are you dieing?” “no but they will never let me go but I
can help you ecape the only way I know how” “ya” “by teaching you how to learn to control your gift”

  18 yeas later and the hero has nerly lerned how to controll him self while inraged but eventaoly the new worden discovers that the hero has become
freinds with his cell mate and may be vonirable to inflounce they came for the clanles in the night and draged him off into the torcher chamber the hero
decided 29 years was long enough wen they brout the wolfman back the hero went to tell them ware the artifact was located but the clanle said “don’t just
don’t do if you want but don’t do it for me I couldnt live nowing I was the reson you brock and you never got to redem your self I’d rather die” “but I
cant let them do this to you” the hero hung his head in frustrashin “fin…My lips are seald forever” the worden heard this and decided he would never
give up ether.

  12 years and still the hero wouldin’t brake every day they draged the hero to the torcher chamber wen they would drage the clanles in and start on him it
went on and on until they took it too far one day as they draged the clanles back to the cell the hero rushed to his side wen he realised this was difarint
“whats rong freind what did thay do to you?” “they killed me its just a matter of time” “no you cant die you cant leave me not like this” “now you listen to
me your destind to do somthing great don’t ask me how I know I just do and you have a good hart and a horible cures thow you may tempted to destroy every
thing that stands in your way you must do what you know to be right and you have to be strong you cant give in no mater…what let nothing…
shake you…from…yuor…deessttaannyyy…ehhhhh” then wolfmans hart beat no more the hero stopped himself from crying and said “no my fraind I will never
do what I belive to be rong again and nothing will ever breke me I swear it” from that day forwerd the hero began planing his escape.

  9 yeas of ploting and planing and the hero cant come up with any thing he hadnt seen sunshine for 50 years he dosnt even know if hes obov ground or below
and worst of all he hasnt seen any other part of the prison since he was incarsarated every day he only sees his cell the hall way to the torcher chamber
and then back for the night will the interigaters rest for the night but the hero remembers wen they took his freinds body they took it further down the
hall and he did manige to see at least three sets of doors maybe it led to the out side or to the serfice.

  the next day he consirved his enregy wen they wur done they began to drage him back to his cell and he put his plan into motion he said"hey you got a wife
na a but ugly guy like you culd only get a hores probobly a pig but I bet your moms hot Ill llok her up wen I get out shes probobly gets her money on her
back" the gards droped him to the ground “what did you say about my mother you hidous freak” “all I’m saing is your mother most have had sex with a pig
how else could some one as ugly as you come from a human” the other gard lafed then the gard kick the hero in the ribs “what are you lafing at you look like
someone took a dump in a guter and you congild from it” the gard stoped lafing the two started beating the hero mesilesly till one of the gards kicked his
face and cut a wicked gash under the heros eye the hero began to chang “now you done it you have set me free” he riped the gards to bits then set out down
the hall only to finde a sterdy looking locked hardwood door he sumend every bit of his strangth and manedged to rip the door of its hinges and saw onother
door and more gards realising he only had enough energy run and rip the door of its hinges so he ran full speed at the door and went right throuw riping
the door off befor any one coold react runing at inhuman speeds his towering form moving efirtlesly throow the prison.

  wen he reached the last door he was blinded by a towiring infornow in the sky “the sun I had forgot what it looked like” then his gaze moved  to the
green of the woods he saw the gards geting up on thair horses and then he lowerd into a sprinters stance then exploded into a dizzing pase that even the
exprinced horsemen had trobil keeping up with but the horses wur just too fast but he kept jumping out of sight zigzeging and climbing it was too mutch for
the gards he was escaping the hero ran till he couldint run any longer he terned to face his posures only to finde a the wind blowing leavs into the air
“I did it I’mfinaly free FREEEEEDOMMMM!!!” the hero cryed atracting one of the gards nerby “ha now I’v got you” the hero still in his beast form terned to
the gard (who insadently had grabed the heros cloke the day befor but hadnt had time to store it) then realized he had his back to a cliff and was about
to fight a 12 foot tall lizerd man the fight consited of the hero grabing the horse and throuw the bolth of them of the cliff then the hero went back to
his human form climbed dawn the cliff then put on his clouk and began his jerny.

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