The Colonel

Leader of the Les Jager


The Colonel
Real Name: Unknown
Ethnic Background: Daevar
Personality: Cold Logic

  • Believes the world is imperfect and that the Azur Alliance is the driving force to make a more perfect world. He is willing to do this by any means necessary.
  • Leader of Les Jager under High Arbiter Aizen.
  • Although little is known about his past. He served as the right hand man to Tadeus Van Horsman.
  • Abandoned Van Horsman to join Gaul in the creation of the Azur Alliance.
  • Considered one of the most brilliant military minds in creation.
  • Carefully measured and takes every variable into account. Agents are little more than tools to achieve mission objectives.
  • Unmatched Martial Artist.
  • Bearer of the Hephastios armband.

The Colonel

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