Gem of Violence

Hearthstone of the Les Jager


Increases the stunt bonuses of certain actions by one die, up to a possible four-die stunt; these stunts still only grant the mote and/or willpower recovery benefits of a three die stunt. Valid stunts are ones that hurt people and objects, not because the bearer hates them, but because he feels an urge to harm or even because he loves that person or object; this is being violent. Stunts that expose flaws or actions that inspire greatness by destroying a part of a person (physically or mentally) also count. Actions that inspire greatness while leaving a person un-blemished or unbroken, whimsy that is not hurtful or destructive, reinforcing his own love or protecting anything near to him or his heart are examples of stunts that, conversely, have their bonuses reduced by one die, to a minimum of 0 dice. These 0 dice stunts still grant a one mote replenishment to the bearer, however, and count as a stunt for all other purposes.


The stone, which is a yellow and flat, triangular rock with rounded sides

Gem of Violence

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