Heirarch's Creed


Heirarch’s Creed is built upon the same lines of traditional hearthstone bracers and posseses similar effects. While worn, the bracers enhance the user’s mobility and reflexes, adding four dice to the calculation of the character’s Dodge DV. It lends a similar agility and elusivness to the character’s mind as well, adding four dice to the calculation of the character’s Dodge MDV. LIke Hearthstone Bracers, Temple’s Creed benefits from Magical Material harmonization. In this case, harmonizing with the Ash Damascus increases the minimum damage of a character’s attacks by 2.

Commit: 7
Artifact Rating: 3 Dot.

Is part of the Heirarchs’ Vestiment’s set.


Creed is a pair of vambraces forged from Ash Damascus and Brass. It is rumored that the Ash Damascus isn’t pure, but is in fact an alloy: the other component being bone given from a nether gods very body. Each bracer bears a plate of Brass on about three quarters of its outer surface, although this plating leaves the underlying Damascus exposed on the outer edges in much the same fashion as seen in Heirarch’s Cloister. Inscribed on the right bracer is a litany of transgressions made by the Beryl’s and their allies against Solomon and her people. Inscribed on the left bracer are the common names of the Solomanic Senates’ Members. Each bracer bears a hearthstone setting on its upper, outer surface, near edge that is closest to the elbow when worn.

Heirarch's Creed

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