Deus ex Machina, in the aftermath

A trial continued...

The Final Clues....

The heroes were able to defeat their long time rival Dark Cheshire. As he died he fell backward into the acid and the variety of chemicals that had mixed on the floor of the foundry.

In a hurry to quickly search the complex, they burst into the main workshop and were surprised to find a group of mongrel men working at the workbenches. The mongrel men were equally surprised, but they had been hired to protect the establishment so they leapt to defend the foundry.

Stormscales was quickly surrounded and the rest charged into the doorway to attack the rest of the party. They attacked with ferocity but were unable to match the heroes might. Julius let out a mournful dirge that attacked the mongrel men at their very essence and made their ears bleed. While Dung Chow began powering up. Catherine held back regaining her strength from the battle with Dark Cheshire.

After defeating a few of the mongrel men, Stormscales ran deeper into the room and the mongrel men gave chase. As they closed in Stormscales unfurled his wings and flew quickly back into the chemical storage plant.

At about the same time a operative from the Great Library was homing in on a new acquisition. He had been tracking rumors of Lost Logias in the region and had heard verifiable information that there may be one in this foundry. As he arrived to the gates he heard Dark Cheshire’s death scream. Alon quickly leapt over the 10 foot wall and approached the steel door that lead into the storage plant. As he opened the unlocked door he quickly leapt aside as thousands of gallons spill out of the door.

Apprising the situation, Alon leapt to the wall again and made his way toward the building where he climbed out to the reinforced window. He then smashed the window in and saw the heroes in combat with the mongrel men.

Just then there came a deep roar as a very large mongrel man appeared. He made his way with reinforcements to the doorway where the heroes had fallen back to, to form a better line of defense.

Hurling his war mattock at the nearest hero he yelled commands to attack Stormcrow and tried to turn the tide of the battle.

Alon jumped into the room and ran to Catherine’s defense, although it soon became apparent that she wasn’t really in danger as she brandished her blade, Ahur Vainya, It caught Alon’s eye, but his attention quickly turned to the attacking mongrel men.

Alon let loose a Peony Blossom attack and laid waste to the mongrel men, while Julius continued his song of death. Dung let loose with a flurry of blows and Stormcrow harried the mongrel men.

The heroes and Alon felt the the psychic link of the process click into place and the open channel of communication establish between them… The heroes don’t know who this person is but he began fighting beside them without a second thought and there were greater problems to deal with anyway…

As the battle raged on, the mighty heroes slew the mongrel men by the score. The leader of the mongrel men, Salik Sal waded into the melee, and began to attack the heroes. Stormcrow immediately attacked him and grappled him, almost as quickly, Dung Crow grabbed Salik Sal by the balls and proceeded to powerfully throw Salik Sal with grappled Stormcrow over the lake of acid that had filled the floor of the room.

Stormcrow quickly flapped his wings and kept them above the acid. Not particularly intelligent but wanting to save their leader the remaining mongrel men leapt to save their leader and fell into the acid.

Stormcrow held Salik Sal above the acid and threatened to drop him if he wouldn’t yield.

Will Salik Sal yeild?
bq). What will the heroes find in the Black Cat Chemical Foundry?
bq). What will happen to the monster on trial now that the heroes have freed him from the towns’ justice?
bq). What is the truth behind this Count Argent.



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