• Deleon Maekir

    Deleon Maekir

    middle aged, paladin of tol-rouko
  • Haru Anhur

    Haru Anhur

    Haru "Falcon Eyes" Anhur is a Forest Ranger who currently is one of the greatest rangers in all of Lucrecio. His appearance is that of a Sylvain Eagle Gold Eyes and Marble White Hair.
  • Julius Dell'Arte

    Julius Dell'Arte

    Disaffected former member of theater troupe
  • Ryssa El'Hal'Mir

    Ryssa El'Hal'Mir

    Can I kill you next? No? How about you? Aww... :(
  • St. Luis

    St. Luis

    You're pretty young to be a saint?
  • Stormcrow / blood scales

    Stormcrow / blood scales

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde meets the incredible hulk with a little bit of wolfman thrown in for fun