Deus ex Machina, in the aftermath

Meeting with the Count


The group searched the warehouse and found some great equipment as well as a pile of gold.

They also found papers detailing Dark Cheshire’s involvement in a black market organ trade throughout the region.

Evidence in hand, the players rushed to the authorities and gave over the information. Despite their success the town was still reeling from the appearance of a demon that stole their monster. There was rioting in the streets, but the players were too tired and went back to their inn to sleep.

The next morning they made their way to the Count’s Castle and met with him. Having solved many of the problems in the area they were admitted to meet him almost immediately.

There the doors were quickly shut fast behind them in the audience chamber and all off the courtiers were ushered out.

They found the count to be very open and forthright, telling them that yes, Isador was his man at arms and he appreciated their efforts to see him found innocent of the crimes leveled against them.

That said, their efforts were largely undermined in the final day of the trial.

They also found that Dark Cheshire actually worked for the count as a large source of income for his organization.

He then told them that their suspicions were true and that he was in fact a supernatural known as Ophiel. A dukzarist of considerable power that leads an organization known as Samael. He then introduced his Countess as the Fallen Angel Dinah, who he said was more of a colleague than a spouse.

He then explained that his organization was for the support and betterment of supernatural creatures throughout creation.

The players told him of their involvement with the Les Jager and their affiliation with the Wissenchaft. They offered their aid, but Ophiel remained dubious. Offering his aid to the party should they meet in the future.

The players also offered to help in his endeavors. The Count then gave them his signet ring as proof of his death and then teleported them back to their Inn room.

There they found a chest filled with powerful gems and money.



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